The entry fee is non-refundable and considered a donation to the local non-profit organizations supported by this event.

If you do need to drop from the event please contact us so we can update our participant list.


Registration will be open until the Thursday before the event. Snacks are included in the entry fee for participants only.


Packet pickup to be in Hamilton on Friday before the event, between 3pm-6:30 pm at the creamery building on 4th and Main; or at the transition area on race day starting at 6:30 am.  Team members must sign a waiver before racing!

A mandatory racers meeting will be held at 7:45 am on race day at Lake Como. This meeting will cover race-day procedures, information about the trails and any other questions regarding the race. For more information contact us.

Any changes or new information will be given via email. Please give us an email you read.  No junk will be sent out. Thank you.



Do you need a wetsuit?  By the end of July, if you LIKE cold water you could get by, but it will still be chilly, usually high 60s.  2009 we had two people without wetsuits.  One turned back. 

Can you use a cross bike?  If you are very experienced, possibly yes. The roads are rocky and rutty on the ascent and descent.  

Items Recommended:

Flip flops, x-tra towel to lay down in transition, and trail shoes. Headphones are not allowed.


This Special Use Permit is granted for this year's event only.